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Protect Your Ride

No one likes to hear the clunk or bang under your vehicle while traversing a technical route. It is so important to pick the right lines to protect the vital components of the underbelly of your ride. Each time I make a mistake in a line choice or the occasional bottoming out in a deactivation not seen until too late, the dread and thoughts of damage to the undercarriage makes me cringe.

OK Expedition was one of the first to come on board and support the CanToy Divas. This company is amazing and didn't hesitate when asked if they would consider being a sponsor. Being a small business owner and offering to sponsor an entire skid package for my 2017 was so generous and appreciated. The exceptional quality,design and craftsmanship of these light weight aluminum skids are a huge asset to the Tacoma.

Every week while gaining more experience and training for the Rebelle driving in the back country of BC these skids have been priceless! This spring and early summer were so wet and there were a lot of trails that had deep water crossings or murky puddles. It is always good practice to enter these slowly and carefully to minimize damage to the environment and possible hidden stumps and rocks under the waters surface. More than once the dreaded rock on metal sound had me cringing and looking to Doug on my right with a sheepish look on my face. And patiently he would remind me that the skids are doing their job and very well at that. The skids have done their job and protected the lower control arms, oil pan and transmission.

If you are a off road enthusiast, protect and respect your ride and she will never let you down. Also protect and respect where you wheel, leave the bush better than you found it. Pack out your garbage/recyclables and if you see someones discarded cans or garbage do the right thing and pick it up so that we can continue to wheel and enjoy the back country.

Until next Time Liza :)

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